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How to get your kids to drink green smoothies – Recipe

In this episode of the Running Raw Project: Tim shares a ‘secret’ green smoothie recipe. Most people make up their mind about the taste of something just by looking at it and without tasting it. Green smoothies can be incredibly delicious, but it can be hard to get kids and some adults to drink them because they are green. Continue reading

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Running Raw Update 7/29/11 – New Audiobook Released!

After 2 months of editing and compiling the best segments of my most recent lecture tour “Turbo Charge Your Life!” I am happy to announce that I have finally released my second audiobook. It is packed with the latest tools and information that I have used to help me in achieving my most recent successes. I hope you find value in it as well. Continue reading

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Tim VanOrden’s Running Raw Update – February 15th, 2011

In This Update:
• Race Report – Empire State Building Success
• Getting to Nationals
• Breakfast of Champions
• Upcoming Events Continue reading

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A day in the life of Running Raw

People often ask me what I eat each day and how much I train. So today I thought I’d give you a snapshot of a day in the life of the Running Raw Project. At present I’m preparing for the upcoming World Championships of Stair Climbing at the Empire State Building on February 1st. Continue reading

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Spin Cycle Smoothie – Raw on the Road

You might think that it’s hard to continue making green smoothies while traveling, but it’s actually quite easy. During my travels in British Columbia I discovered that a coin-op laundrymat is a great place to get your green on. Continue reading

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Green Smoothie Tips & Techniques

The term “green smoothie” gets thrown around a lot in the raw vegan community, but what does that term actually mean? Well, everyone has there own version of this green elixir, and of all the versions that I’ve tried, I’ve had the best results with this blend. Continue reading

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Post Workout Smoothie Recipe

After bouts of long or hard exercise lasting sixty minutes or more, the body’s stores of muscle and liver glycogen can become depleted. This can significantly effect performance, as the body’s main fuel for exercise is glucose, and the body stores glucose in the form of glycogen. Run out of glycogen and you run out of gas. Continue reading

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