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Over Their Dead Bodies

How often do you consider the effects of your dietary choices on others? Maybe it’s time you started. Continue reading

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VanOrden Named 2010 USA Masters Mountain Runner of the Year

Mountain men master: Tim VanOrden, 42, Bennington, VT, had a stellar year in 2010 including masters top honors at the USA 10km Trail Championships, the USA 15km Trail Championships, the XTERRA National Trail Running Championships, and the Mt. Ashland Hill Climb where he also set the masters’ record. Continue reading

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The end of exercise?

I read a very promising and yet at the same time, a very troubling study today. A team of researchers at the University of Boulder have been experimenting with stem cells and wound healing. By injecting stem cells into the injured area, they were able to speed up the healing process and foster tissue regeneration. What they discovered next is where I get concerned. Continue reading

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To vaccinate or not to vaccinate… That is the question.

Flu season is upon is. Will you go along with the media’s call to vaccinate? Or will you hold off and hope for the best? Either way, it’s best to educate oneself on the matter… Continue reading

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Mike Tyson goes Vegan?

You read that title correctly – Mike Tyson, the man who has been known to eat the flesh of fellow competitors in the ring has foregone animal products and adopted a vegan diet. More and more high profile Americans are experiencing the benefits of a plant based diet and coming out in the media to promote their new choices. Continue reading

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