The One Truth

There seem to be a whole lot of ‘gurus’ out there in the alternative health world that have THE truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. But many of them disagree. So how could they all have THE truth?
Here are my thoughts on the subject of truth and the dangers of dogma.

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One Response to The One Truth

  1. Malwina says:

    Hi Tim, I just discovered your site and your videos and I’m totally enthusiastic! I just really enjoy listening to you and watching you talk, it’s very inspiring and feels authentic.
    Just today I was thinking about this “One Answer” issue. I still sometimes long for it, to get it all together, to know exactly who I am and what I’m doing, to find one way of living and then settling down in it… Sometimes I long for the security that I imagine can be found in having One Truth.
    But then I think about it just a little longer and have to conclude that it’s just an illusion. As soon as you find a truth, you change again and your truth changes, right? Ultimately, I feel that all my longing for security and control is just rooted in fear and thus not really helpful…
    Recently I read this story in Stephen Mitchell’s “Gospel according to Jesus”, maybe you like it:
    The Buddha said, “A man walking along a highroad sees a great river, its near bank dangerous and frightening, its far bank safe. He collects sticks and foliage, makes a raft, paddles across the river, and reaches the other shore. Now suppose that, after he reaches the other shore, he takes the raft and puts it on his head and walks with it on his head wherever he goes. Would he be using the raft in an appropriate way? No; a reasonable man will realize that the raft has been very useful to him crossing the river and arriving safely on the other shore, but that once he has arrived, it is proper to leave the raft behind and walk on without it. This is using the raft appropriately.
    In the same way, all truths should be used to cross over, they should not be held on to once you have arrived. You should let go of even the most profound insight or the most wholesome teaching; all the more so, unwholesome teachings.”

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