How Stress Affects Pre-Race Fueling and Metabolism

When it comes to being properly prepared for a race, one of the most important factors that’s usually overlooked is your stress level. Stress affects metabolism and bodily energy stores and needs to be considered when prepping for a race.

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One Response to How Stress Affects Pre-Race Fueling and Metabolism

  1. Garry K. says:

    Tim it is always a pleasure to watch your videos. This year is my fourty-sixth year of committed running. Long before Spandex was invented I was on the road! During all this time I’ve seen fads come and go. I really appreciate your thoughtful and insightful points of view. Most of all you appear to enjoy running and that is the key (in my humble opinion) to longevity in running as a fundamental part of lifestyle.
    Happy Trails Tim.
    From beautiful Terrace,
    British Columbia,

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