Running The Steepest Streets in Los Angeles

In preparation for the US Mountain Running Championships in New Hampshire this June, I’ve had to really up the intensity of my workouts. The usual mountain trail runs with an average grade of 10% to 12% just won’t cut it anymore, so I’ve taken to the streets – but not just any streets – the steepest streets in Los Angeles. Nestled in the hills of the Silverlake and Echo Park neighborhoods lie three streets that share the honor of being the steepest street in L.A., and consequently, the second steepest street(s) in the country. Fargo Street, Baxter Street and Eldred Street all have an average grade of 33.3%, a full 2% steeper than the steepest street in San Francisco. Only Pittsburgh’s Canton Ave. with a brake melting 37% average slope can top the streets of Los Angeles.

The workout proved to be every bit as painful as I had imagined, 8 sets was all I could handle – In these hills I have met my match.

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