Will Rogers 5K & Carl Lewis Interview

After more than a week of not being able to run due to the intense leg trauma I suffered in the US Mtn. Running Championships, I decided to get a good workout in the Will Rogers 5K. This race, held in the Pacific Palisades neighborhood of Los Angeles gathers one of the largest fields in California, as runners and spectators alike come out to celebrate our country’s independence from Great Britain.

It was a celebrity packed event, but the only person that caught my attention was Olympic legend Carl Lewis. His 9 Olympic gold medals over 4 consecutive Olympics make him one of the greatest athletes in history. Carl set the world record in the 100 meters (9.86) at the age of 30, as a vegan. That’s right, Carl had several of his world best performances eating a vegan diet, dispelling the myth that “power” athletes need animal protein to build muscle and excel. After a lengthy discussion about a vegan and raw diet and athletic performance, Carl allowed me to do a short interview on camera. My apologies for the sound quality.

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