Squaw Valley Mountain Run

In 1960, the world was introduced to Squaw Valley, California near Lake Tahoe, as it hosted the Winter Olympics that year. It was a grand event that produced many American superstars. Now, 47 years later, it’s still a sight to behold. The best way to to take in the spectacular views is to run up the mountain in the Squaw Valley Mountain Run.

Nearly 500 tough souls took on the mountain in this high altitude test of character. It is only half as long at the Mt. Washington race and climbs only half the elevation, BUT the race starts at 6200 feet and climbs to the thin air of 8200 feet. This race nearly did me in. I went out with the leaders, but couldn’t breathe, so I was forced to slow my pace. The race was won by Gallen Burrell, silver medalist at the world mountain running long distance championships, winner of the Pikes Peak Marathon and several time member of the US Mountain Running Team.

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