Brendan Brazier and the Bulldog 25K

It’s always a very nice treat when my friend Brendan Brazier comes into town. Not only is he one of the few people that can keep up on a long trail run, but we always have the best conversations about diet, health, performance and the state of the world. Following a long mountain run in Malibu, I got Brendan on camera to share some of his vast knowledge of nutrition. He’s more than qualified to speak on the subject, as he’s a best selling author of two books, speaks around the country on this topic (even in front of Congress), and has competed for many years as a pro Ironman triathlete. Brendan talks the talk and walks the walk.

The following day I lured Brendan back to Malibu to run in the Bulldog 25k endurance run. This is an extremely challenging mountain run that uses the same course as the Malibu Creek Trail Challenge that I competed in this past May. Neither one of us was prepared for this event, so we ran the first (and most difficult) 7 miles of the race as a hard tempo workout – with surprising results.

Click HERE to see our Bulldog 25k video.

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