Hungry for greens in Hungary.

This past week I returned from my first ever trip to Europe. Well, if I’m to be perfectly honest I should say that most of me returned. There is a still a part of me that fell in love with the culture, lifestyle and architecture of the place and remained behind. The bulk of my trip was spent in Budapest (pronounced Booduhpesht), the bustling capital city of Hungary. Which from all accounts, is one of the prettiest and liveliest cities in Europe.

It all started with a raw food potluck in a yoga studio where I was the featured speaker. I was pleasantly surprised to find thirty plus people in attendance with some of the best raw foods I’ve ever seen at a potluck. Talk about artistry… No wonder their buildings are so beautiful – Hungarians (Magyars) love fine details.

After two weeks of eating cabbage as my only “green” I was directed to the Organic (Bio) market in Buda (Budapest is two cities on opposite sides of the Duna (Danube) River that have joined together – Buda and Pest). Much to my surprise this market was packed with vendors selling all varieties of fruits and veggies, which I had not seen anywhere else in the city. There were even several vendors selling prepared raw foods. After a few hours of shopping and talking to the farmers I headed back to my apartment and downed my first green smoothie in weeks.

I’ll miss the beautiful buildings and exciting old world culture, but I’m happy to be back in the land of abundant greens.

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