Speaking Tour of Florida

After a long, cold and exceptionally snowy Winter I think it’s time I got a little sunshine. So I’m heading to Florida in a tomorrow for a one week speaking tour. I’ve created a brand new presentation called “Turbo Charge Your Life”. We all want to do more, feel better and enjoy our lives more often, but there is always something standing in the way. Over the past 5 1/2 years I have gained a great deal of knowledge and developed some very powerful tools that have allowed me to continually improve my health, athletic performance and the achievement of my goals. I’ve learned all of this the hard way. Now, it is my pleasure to share what I have learned with you.

I first presented this talk last weekend in Vancouver, Seattle and Coquitlam, BC. The feedback has been wonderful. Many are saying that it’s the best presentation I’ve ever given. My commitment is to continue to improve upon the information provided and further develop the tools necessary to put this information into action. I do not want you to learn something, I want you to do something. Change your diet. Change your life. Change the planet.

Here is my schedule:

Although all the presentations have the same outline, each of my talks is unique and free flowing. Your questions will help to guide where the discussion goes. So come to as many as you can!

Please be sure to RSVP to reserve a seat.

Climb Tampa Race

This Saturday, I’ll be competing in the 42 story Climb Tampa race. But before I can toe the starting line, I need to raise $100 for the American Lung Association. I’m starting this fundraising rather late in the game due to my trip to the Northwest, but I’m confident that if I can get enough $3 to $5 donations, we can make short work of it 🙂 Online registration for the event is closed, so please send your donation to donate@runningraw.com through paypal and write “American Lung Association” or “ALA” on the transaction. Than you for your continued support!

I wish you all an amazing weekend!

With love and gratitude

Tim VanOrden


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3 Responses to Speaking Tour of Florida

  1. susan valentin says:

    Your lecture was so informative and fantastically dynamic!!!! I purchased your disc expecting to play it in the car. I tried playing it last night on my way home, and it wouldn’t play. Is it a DVD or CD? I don’t see any information on this website
    about purchasing one. I also wanted to purchase some as gifts after I heard it.
    Life changing stuff. Do you have a publisher yet for your book?
    My Daughter and Son in law own Genesis publications, based in the UK.
    Susan Valentin

  2. Jillian Love says:

    Super Inspiring!
    I have been living a raw lifestyle for 13 years and am a trained raw chef, life coach, and instructor. I run Raw Food Retreats (www.RawYoga.com) and classes and also coordinate raw events and community gatherings in the Northern California Bay Area including dinners and talks and potlucks. Check out my meet up group here.

    I would love to host an event for your when your tour takes you in this direction. Perhaps a dinner in your honor where you can give your talk and guests can meet you and a portion of the proceeds go to your cause. I have a few great venues that would work quite well. I think we could do a fair amount of publicity and have a a great time while we are at it.

    We can chat more in person if this interests you.
    Jillian Love

  3. Top 20 Lists says:

    Florida is an amazing place, make sure you go to Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Florida Keys! hope its so much fun!!!

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