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Raw Veganism, Cults and Emotional Health

While speaking in Highland Park, Illinois (a suburb of Chicago) I gave a talk about how diet and emotional health. All the research that I’ve read leads me to believe that emotional health trumps diet and exercise in the quest for overall health. Continue reading

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Thanks giving Chicago style

There are many things that I am thankful for. But at this moment one opportunity stands out in my mind. It was November of 2006. I was in Chicago to coach the fledgling Run Raw Team in their first raw Chicago Marathon. As far as we knew at the time, no team of raw, vegan athletes had ever been assembled to compete in an event. Continue reading

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Iron Absorption on a Vegan Diet – Part I

There are many who believe that plants lack iron and therefore vegans are likely to become anemic. While it is true that anemia seems to be more common in the vegan population, it is not for a lack of iron … Continue reading

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Over Their Dead Bodies

How often do you consider the effects of your dietary choices on others? Maybe it’s time you started. Continue reading

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Reaching New Heights at Sears Tower

Racing up the stairwell of the tallest building in the North America sounds easy right? After 105 flights of pain, I discover otherwise. Perhaps I shouldn’t have spent the entire day before the race in the blistering cold winds of the Lake Michigan shoreline, as I ran with and supported the Run Raw Team in a 50K ultra-marathon – Note to self: rest in a warm place the day before a race. Continue reading

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