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New Year’s Resolutions Part III – Making Change Fun and Easy

We have been culturally conditioned to believe that we should value certain things, and condemn others. Every January 1st, many of us adopt the belief that we should suddenly value our health, a proper diet and sufficient exercise. So we resolve to engage in these more ‘valuable’ habits. But there’s a big problem with this type of thinking or conditioning. Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolutions Part II – Follow Through

Do you have trouble keeping on course with your New Year’s Resolutions? Do you end up backsliding a few weeks into the new year? Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolutions – Part I – Warming To The Cold

The beginning of a new year always gets people to think about fresh starts and new beginnings. Feeling the accumulated burden of a year’s worth of not so great decisions, many people vow to take back their life in the form of New Year’s Resolutions. The majority of Americans will make a New Year’s Resolution, but only a tiny minority of them will actually follow through and honor their resolution. Continue reading

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The Belly Fat Myth

There is so much misinformation on television and the net about fat loss, diet, exercise, stress and specifically on belly fat loss, that I decided to put out my two cents on the subject. Continue reading

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Physical Activity and Brain Health

In my own experience, I am far more intelligent when I’m running than I am while sitting at my desk and trying to work. This has lead me to carry a digital voice recorder with me while I run, so that I can get a good chunk of my thought intensive work done on the run Continue reading

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The end of exercise?

I read a very promising and yet at the same time, a very troubling study today. A team of researchers at the University of Boulder have been experimenting with stem cells and wound healing. By injecting stem cells into the injured area, they were able to speed up the healing process and foster tissue regeneration. What they discovered next is where I get concerned. Continue reading

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