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Iron Absorption on a Vegan Diet – Part II

The popular media will tell you that vegans are likely to be iron deficient and at risk for anemia. This prompts many vegans, especially women to take iron supplements. While this may seem like the smart choice to avoid a deficiency, there is much research to prove the contrary. Before taking an iron supplement you may want to consider the potential risks listed below. Continue reading

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To vaccinate or not to vaccinate… That is the question.

Flu season is upon is. Will you go along with the media’s call to vaccinate? Or will you hold off and hope for the best? Either way, it’s best to educate oneself on the matter… Continue reading

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Climbing Albany’s Corning Tower

As a kid growing up in rural Bennington, VT, my first city experience was in Albany, NY. It was only a 45 minute drive away, but to a farm kid it was a completely different planet. In the 1970’s Albany, … Continue reading

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