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A Conversation With Dara Dubinet

While in Santa Monica, California, I had a rare opportunity to hang out and have a chat with Dara Dubinet at Euphoria Loves Rawvolution. Dara is one of the most popular YouTube presenters in the raw food arena. Continue reading

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Do Cows Need Protein?

The dairy industry has discovered that cows don’t need that much protein and in fact, they fare much better with less in their diets. Oh, if only there was a “human industry” to get to the bottom of how to best grow a healthy human being for as little money as possible 😉 Continue reading

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High Protein Diets & Bone Loss

A new study shows that high protein, animal based diets increase bone loss – Unfortunately, they only studied older women and not the population as a whole.

High-protein diets may cause bone loss in older women Continue reading

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Live Natural, Live Well Interview

Heather Lounsbury who hosts the ‘Live Natural, Live Well’ radio show on BlogTalkRadio invited me to be a part of a three person call in interview about being healthy on a vegan diet. Robert Cheeke of VeganBodybuilding.com and Whitney Lauritsen of Eco-Vegan Gal also shared their great insights and stories on this show. Continue reading

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Post Workout Smoothie Recipe

After bouts of long or hard exercise lasting sixty minutes or more, the body’s stores of muscle and liver glycogen can become depleted. This can significantly effect performance, as the body’s main fuel for exercise is glucose, and the body stores glucose in the form of glycogen. Run out of glycogen and you run out of gas. Continue reading

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