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Zero Calorie Sweeteners & Weight Gain – Health News

I’ve also decided to start a new video series which covers the latest breaking news in the world of nutrition. I’m calling it ‘Nutrition News’ 🙂

In this segment, I discuss a new study out of the University of California in San Diego that appeared in the Journal of Physiology and Behavior which looked at zero calorie sweeteners and their effects on the brain and weight gain. Continue reading

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Causes of Emotional Eating

While attending the Woodstock Fruit Festival, Tim was asked by Yulia Tarbath of http://rawsomehealthy.com to give a little talk about emotional eating. One of the reasons that so people fail on a vegetarian, vegan or raw diet is that we haven’t learned how to ‘deal’ with cravings and stuffing down our emotions with food. Continue reading

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