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Goal Setting, Planning & Broken Sidewalks

While goal setting is an important tool, it should not be seen as an end in itself. A certain amount of flexibility needs to be incorporated into any path that you lay out for yourself. If your goals and plans are rigid, and you create a straight-line path to reach them, you are certainly going to be shocked to find out that reality had other plans for you. Continue reading

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Secret Weapon of Stair Climb Training

In order to make up for my runner’s legs in a stair climb race, I’ve had to employ new training regimens that allow me to take advantage of other muscle groups. I’ve learned to turn a stair climb event into a total body exercise, which has enabled me to excel in these races… Continue reading

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Rollerblading to Prevent Injury

My warmup for the Southern California Masters Track Championships starts the day before the event. Instead of overdoing it on the road or trails, I incorporate some cross-training in the form of rollerblading. Yes, I said rollerblading. It’s a great way to reduce impact and repetitive stress injuries and build cardiovascular endurance and leg strength. Continue reading

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