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Climbing Albany’s Corning Tower

As a kid growing up in rural Bennington, VT, my first city experience was in Albany, NY. It was only a 45 minute drive away, but to a farm kid it was a completely different planet. In the 1970’s Albany, … Continue reading

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The Empire State Building Run Amok

New York was nicknamed the Empire State, to recognize its vast wealth and variety of resources. Among the treasures of this great state is the Empire State Building, the crown Jewel of New York City. Although there are three buildings taller than the ESB in Chicago, you’d never convince a New Yorker that that Empire State Building was not the greatest building in America. Continue reading

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Brave The Blizzard Snowshoe Race

The second race in the WMAC snowshoe series was held in Guilderland, NY, just a few miles outside of the state capitol Albany, NY. This is the 5th year of this event, and the first time in those 5 years that there has been snow to run on. This winter bounty attracted an excited crowd from all over the Northeast to take on this challenging 4 mile course. Continue reading

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My First Snowshoe Race

Since snowshoeing has become such a staple of my winter workouts, I thought it only natural to start entering local snowshoe races. The Western Mass. Athletic Club (WMAC) has a winter race series, with races held in VT, MA, NY and NH. The first race of the series happened to be in my backyard – Woodford, VT. Continue reading

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Mt. Equinox Snowshoe

When I initially came to Vermont I was quite worried that my training would come to a halt as winter arrived. The icy roads and cold temps make running far more challenging and dangerous. In addition, we’ve had a very snowy November and December so far. So, I’ve been forced to become creative with my training and take advantage of what a Vermont Winter has to offer. Continue reading

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US Bank Center Stair Climb, Milwaukee

I was a bit disappointed with my third place at the Sears Tower, so I drove up to Milwaukee yesterday afternoon to compete in the Climb for a Cure tower race up the US Bank Center. Although it’s the tallest building in Milwaukee, it’s only half as tall as the Sears Tower in Chicago. I thought a 45 storey climb would be a sprint compared to the 103 floors of the Sears Tower. I thought wrong. Continue reading

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Going Vertical at the Sears Tower

Yesterday, I competed in the GoVertical Chicago – Sears Tower Stair Climb. This grueling race sents competitors up the stairwell for 103 storeys, and 2,109 steps to the top of the tallest building in North America. Last year in this race, I started out way too fast and had to crawl the last 30 floors to finish in 5th place. Continue reading

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Cool Canyon, Cold War and Combating Candida

On one of my last runs in Los Angeles I head back to where it all began. Ten years ago, upon arriving in LA, and yearning for the mountains and greenery of Vermont, I was introduced to the magical world of Sullivan Canyon. This oak and sycamore lined trail is still a favorite to this day. But travel to trail’s end, and you will find yourself in a very different world – that of the cold war… Continue reading

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Palm Springs Tram Road Challenge

In a race that has been dominated by elite marathoners and road racers from around the world, I managed to best the field by over 30 seconds. But more importantly, I became the only runner in the past 5 years to break the 30 minute barrier on this steep 3.7 mile uphill course up the base of mighty Mt. San Jacinto. Continue reading

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US Bank Tower Stair Climb

At 75 floors (1,018 feet high), the US Bank tower in downtown Los Angeles is the tallest building west of Chicago. For 11 years, this building held the title of being the tallest building in the world built on a major seismic zone, until it was surpassed by Tapei 101 in Taiwan in 2004. It’s appeared in many Hollywood blockbusters, but most notably in the 1996 film “Independence Day”, where it is the first building to be destroyed, as ravers partied on it’s lofty heliport. Continue reading

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