Running Raw Project

Motivation & Goal Setting

Are you feeling stuck and can't seem to get yourself into action? Can't take the steps necessary to achieve your goals? Not even sure which steps to take?

A coach can offer guidance and emotional assistance to help get you into action and moving towards your goals.

What you will get from our coaching relationship

  • Insight into your current situation and patterns of behavior.
  • Tools and skill development, to help you get into action.
  • A safe environment without judgment.
  • Guidance, mentorship, compassion and moral support
  • Before purchasing your first coaching session or package, please go to to set up a free 15 minute consultation. This gives me an opportunity to get to know you and to determine what type of coaching would best suit your needs.

    Use as Needed Calls

    5 minute "get into action" session - $15

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    Single Phone Session (30 to 45 minutes) - $60

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    Support Packages

    4 Get Into Action Calls (5 minutes each)- $50 (save $10)

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    4 Phone Sessions (30 to 45 minutes each)- $200 (save $40)

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