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Is Organic Produce Better For You?

n order to be a good secret agent you have to know how to create an effective smoke screen. Apparently, such agents are hard at work creating such a distraction in their fight against organic foods. The main reason to choose organic food is the lack of potentially toxic chemical residue on the skin of the produce Continue reading

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Nanoparticles in Your Packaged Foods

Scientists are so smart. They are going to solve all of our problems. I think eating nanocellulose is so much better than eating carbohydrates: Swedish breakthrough to unlock ‘super material’ potential. Continue reading

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Fruits and Vegetables Might Be Good For You – Reports New Study

After all this time eating a vegan diet, it has never occurred to me that fruits and vegetables might actually improve my health. It just seems too radical an idea to stomach. There’s no way mom could have been right about eating my veggies. Continue reading

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Tim VanOrden’s Running Raw Times – November 9th 2009

November 3rd marked the 4th Anniversary of the Running Raw Project and my 5th anniversary of stepping on to the raw path. What seemed like a very narrow path 5 years ago has become quite the popular thoroughfare. It really amazes me how quickly the tides of change can sweep upon our shores… Continue reading

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Green Smoothie Tips & Techniques

The term “green smoothie” gets thrown around a lot in the raw vegan community, but what does that term actually mean? Well, everyone has there own version of this green elixir, and of all the versions that I’ve tried, I’ve had the best results with this blend. Continue reading

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Deep Thoughts on Deep Vein Thrombosis

Have you ever heard of blood clots forming in passenger’s legs during long flights? Is it a myth or reality? Well, one of my subscribers sent me to a website that has caused me some concern . Check it out for yourself. Continue reading

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