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Mt. Wilson Adventure

On a clear Winter day, the mighty summit of Mt. Wilson can be seen rising up above Los Angeles to a lofty height of 6000 feet. Topped with radio and TV towers, four observatories, a museum and a paved road to the top, Mt. Wilson is the most civilized of the massive San Gabriel Mountains. It doesn’t take but more than a minute on one of her many trails to leave the city behind and enter into an unexpected sylvan paradise. Continue reading

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Catalina Island Half Marathon

A year after running my first race for the Running Raw Project, I found myself back on gorgeous Catalina Island off the coast of Los Angeles to compete yet again in the race that started it all – The Buffalo Run (Catalina Island Half Marathon). Continue reading

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Mayhem at the Empire State Building

Racing up the 86 flights of stairs in America‚Äôs most iconic skyscraper has become a New York City tradition. This race attracts athletes from around the world and is essentially the world championships of tower racing. Nearly 300 of the … Continue reading

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