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The Brentwood Run

My strategy of a 5K every weekend continues with the Brentwood Run. This race attracts large crowds and some of the best runners in Southern California, and offers a relatively flat course – which is a great combination to set a new PR. Continue reading

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Malibu Creek Trail Challenge

One year after being humbled in one of the toughest trail races in the country, I take another crack at the Malibu Creek Trail Challenge. It looks like my knee injury is safely behind me. Continue reading

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Pre-Race Regimen – The Night Before An Event

Everyone has a pre-race routine. After extensive research and testing I have come up with a “day before the race” regimen for optimum performance. Continue reading

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In Search of the Toughest Workout – Sand Dune Park

Have you ever tried running in the deep sand in the middle of the beach? Now imagine tilting that beach at a 40% slope and running up it. That’s what awaits the brave souls who enter Sand Dune Park in Manhattan Beach, CA. I entered the park thinking I could crank out 8 runs to the top, but I was quickly humbled as I managed to complete only 6 hills at a snails pace. Continue reading

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My 39th Birthday Present – a new PR

The Paseo Miramar fire road has been my nemesis since day one of this undertaking. It was the first trail that I ran on as I began this journey, and a year and a half later the thought of running it still strikes fear in me. It quickly climbs 950 vertical feet in the first mile, has an average grade of 18% and contains long steep sections where the grade climbs to over 25% – it’s a monster. Continue reading

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