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My First Snowshoe Race

Since snowshoeing has become such a staple of my winter workouts, I thought it only natural to start entering local snowshoe races. The Western Mass. Athletic Club (WMAC) has a winter race series, with races held in VT, MA, NY and NH. The first race of the series happened to be in my backyard – Woodford, VT. Continue reading

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Tim VanOrden’s Running Raw Times – December 26, 2007

Any good fruit farmer will tell you that in order to get the best fruit, you have to prune the trees. If you let them grow to their full size, they will have smaller fruit and it will be harder to harvest. The Running Raw Project has grown into a very large beautiful tree, but it’s fruit has grown small and it’s now out of my reach. Continue reading

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Snowstorm Classic 10K

Thrashing through the snow in the Snowstorm Classic 5k was so much fun, that I decided to make the hour and forty minute drive south again to compete in the Snowstorm Classic 10k. Where the 5k offered bone chilling temps and snow covered roads, the 10k presented a gauntlet of new challenges… Continue reading

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Mt. Equinox Snowshoe

When I initially came to Vermont I was quite worried that my training would come to a halt as winter arrived. The icy roads and cold temps make running far more challenging and dangerous. In addition, we’ve had a very snowy November and December so far. So, I’ve been forced to become creative with my training and take advantage of what a Vermont Winter has to offer. Continue reading

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Snowstorm Classic 5k

It’s been a month since my last race in Milwaukee. A month of rough and tumble Vermont winter. I’ve been doubting whether my isolated training has been long enough on my easy days and hard enough on my hard days. In Los Angeles I would do a race every weekend as my hard tempo workout. It’s not such much about the competition as it is about the intense workout that a race provides. I just can’t push myself as hard on my own. Continue reading

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