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The Challenges of the Tram Road Challenge

You have all heard the saying “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again”. Wise words indeed considering that most of our great endeavors involve an initial “failure” and learning curve. Continue reading

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Gettin’ Busy in Bisbee

As many of you have already noticed, I love superlatives. How many times over the past three years have you heard me say “It was the toughest race I’ve ever done!”? Well, get ready, you are about to hear it again. Continue reading

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Tim VanOrden’s Running Raw Times – October 15th, 2008

As a troubled teen, trying to find my place in the world, my father told me that “all glory is fleeting”. It was a quote from General George Patton, who was remarking on the lavish victory celebrations of ancient Rome. Continue reading

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Stark Mountain Hill Climb

When my friend Dave Dunham first described the Stark Mountain Hill Climb race to me earlier this summer, I knew that it was a “must do” event. This race is unique in New England mountain racing in that each athlete gets to choose their route to the top of the mountain. Continue reading

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