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Empire State Character Building

If I were to choose one sport to define myself as an athlete, it would be stair climbing. As much as I love the challenge and scenery of mountain running and snowshoe racing, neither has impacted me as profoundly as running up the dim, dusty, and denatured stairwells of America. Ironically, it is the sport that I like the least. In fact, I dread it. My relationship with stair climb races could be summed up with the following statement – It is better to have climbed than to climb… Continue reading

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Vegan and Vegetarian Athletes

Your friends still don’t believe that one can be a competitive athlete while eating a plant based diet? Make them watch this video … Continue reading

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Another reason to avoid packaged food and drinks

It has been discovered recently that the organic acids in many fruits can leach a toxic metal known as antimony out of plastic packaging… Continue reading

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