Raw Veganism, Cults and Emotional Health

Tim Van Orden speaking about diet and emotional health.

While speaking in Highland Park, Illinois (a suburb of Chicago) I gave a talk about diet and emotional health. All the research that I’ve read leads me to believe that emotional health trumps diet and exercise in the quest for overall health.

Many in the raw and vegan movements believe that diet alone is responsible for vibrant health and longevity, but this is simply not true. Numerous studies and papers have been written on the effects of stress and social interaction on our health and well-being. The belief that diet alone is responsible and that specific diets (such as a raw vegan diet) are the only option leads to misguided (but well intentioned) and cult-like behavior.

While a raw vegan diet will bring about significant health changes, it is only one piece of the puzzle of health.

This is discussed further in the clip below.

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