L.A. Marathon Spectator

Running a marathon has never been tops on my list of things to do, but as this project has evolved, the gold standard of distance running seems to be my destiny. Unfortunately, I’ve been sidelined with a knee injury and could not enter this year’s L.A. Marathon. Instead of moping about and feeling sorry for myself I decided to offer my support to runners in the race. This afforded me the opportunity to meet and help some truly inspirational people. In addition to supporting a few of my runner friends, I also worked with a group of physically challenged athletes. The memory of their courage and perseverance will guide me on this journey.

Here is the race video:

Do you think running 26.2 miles is hard? Try walking 100 meters to the finish of the LA marathon when you have a spinal cord injury. Watch these incredible people as they get up out of their wheelchairs and take steps towards regaining the ability to walk.

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