The Little Death – How To Get Through Fall Without Falling

A brilliant display of Fall color.

After a wonderful trip to Los Angeles I find myself back in Vermont, where I’m greeted by a brilliant display of Fall color. While the vast majority of the tourists clogging the arteries of the state see the foliage as sublime and poetic, I see it in another light… Or should I say ‘in another dark.’

The trees are becoming depressed and crying out… They scream in shades of red, orange and yellow in a last ditch effort to get attention before entering a state of near death for the Winter. Fall foliage is a little death for the trees and people flock to celebrate it. Perhaps it’s the same urge that people have to stare at car accidents or burning buildings. We seem to be fascinated by death and decay. While at the same time, many of these people are also crying out, but their cries are not as pretty and they don’t receive the same celebration. Their imminent fall is most often reviled… Leading to increasing personal darkness, loneliness and feelings of despair and separation.

So how does one deal with the downward spiral that can often accompany Fall? In this video, Tim shares his personal strategy and techniques for getting through the dark and dreary days ahead… Techniques that set him up for a happy, healthy and hearty Winter of fun.

Just because they trees are depressed, doesn’t mean that you have to be as well.

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