FAQ – Should you eat a Raw Vegan diet?

Tim Van Orden discusses whether or not to ‘go raw’

This is the first in my new FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) video series, where I’ll be answering many of the questions that fill up my various inboxes.

Today’s question – “Should I go raw?”

You’d be surprised how many times people ask whether or not it would be a good idea to ‘go raw’. Like it’s some kind of life transformation, rather than making simple dietary adjustments.

While I am a huge advocate of eating large amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables, I’m no longer a big fan of labels like ‘raw foodist’ or ‘raw vegan’ or ‘frutarian’ or ‘low fat raw vegan’, etc. In my experience, it’s a much healthier choice (mentally) to commit to making healthy choices rather than committing to a dietary ideology or dogma.

Get my full answer to this question of whether or not to go raw in the video below:

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