Getting Started #56 – Perfectionism

Getting Started 56 - PerfectionismThis is the 56th installment in my ‘Getting Started’ series. In this episode I focus on perfectionism.

It’s been a rough day at the end of a rough week. After slowly dying for the past two years, my trusty computer finally exhaled it’s final breath. Since a great deal of what I do takes place on the computer, this put me in a panic. I know this state well, as I’ve spent good portions of my adult life dealing with overwhelm, anxiety and panic. All this ‘training’ has taught me some very valuable lessons and allowed me to forge a set of tools that I use whenever situations like this arise.

So I opened up my Getting Started Toolbox and started to engineer a way out of the collapse looming on the horizon.

If you also have difficulty dealing with stress, anxiety, overwhelm or suffer from ‘perfectionism’, this video can help you see a way out.

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