Never Get Sick Again on a Raw Vegan Diet!

Never Get Sick on a Raw Vegan DietAnyone who’s ever read a book on raw veganism or listened to a raw ‘guru’ give a lecture has heard this statement – “you will never get sick again as long as you eat a raw vegan diet.” There was a time early on my journey into raw foodism that I also believed and even shared this myth. That’s right, I said myth… Because it’s simply not true. While a raw vegan diet does allow one to experience greater health and vitality, it does not make one superhuman… it simply allows one to be a healthier human, and humans are vulnerable creatures. We are not perfect and we are not impervious to the machinations of the microscopic world. Viruses and bacteria are constantly evolving to overwhelm our defenses. While a clean, raw, plant-based diet can be a big help in this fight, it does not give someone guaranteed, rock-solid immunity.

This video sums up my thoughts on this topic.

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