Can Running Cure Depression?

Can running cure depression

Tim Van Orden speaking at Arnold’s Way in Lansdale, PA about running and it’s effect on mental health.

While speaking at Arnold’s Way in Lansdale, PA, I went on a riff about running and the effect that it’s had on my intelligence, mental health and depression.

Recent research confirms my experience that running is a very powerful anti-depressant. Many studies have shown that running or other types of endurance exercise are just as good if not better than ani-depressant medication, without the negative side effects.

But not only does running help to give one mental clarity, and alleviate depression, it also increases cognitive abilities, intelligence and creativity. Most of my research is done while I’m running. The vast majority of my lectures are created while I’m running. Not only does running put me in a better mood and keep depression at bay, but it allows me to align the hemispheres of my brain and gain new insight.

Running, especially on trails, is one of the best ways to align the right brain and left brain hemispheres. Not only are you usually both sides of the body equally while running, but you are also making thousands of calculations per second to keep balance. This effect is increased even further on trails where there are even more decisions, in more dimensions to be made every second – over bumps, around corners, avoiding roots, rocks and downed trees. As I has experienced, trail running, dramatically increases intelligence and creativity.

So the next time you are feeling depressed or are stuck on a mental problem, why not give running at try.

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