Mt. Equinox Snowshoe

When I initially came to Vermont I was quite worried that my training would come to a halt as winter arrived. The icy roads and cold temps make running far more challenging and dangerous. In addition, we’ve had a very snowy November and December so far. So, I’ve been forced to become creative with my training and take advantage of what a Vermont Winter has to offer. Over 90 percent of Vermont is forested mountains with endless trails and abandoned logging roads. It’s an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. There is no better way to explore this vast wilderness than on snowshoes, and as I’ve discovered, there is no better workout as well.

So I made the 20 minute drive north to Manchester, VT to snowshoe up mighty Mt. Equinox. This stunning mountain climbs 3,300 feet quite abruptly from the valley below, and offers some of the best views in all of Vermont.

The freezing cold temps inspired me to give a talk on the apparent “need” for hot food in a cold Winter climate, that many raw fooders fall victim to.

Click HERE to see info on Mt. Equinox

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