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Winter Running Tips to Keep You Safe, Warm and Happy

Now that my injuries are healing up I’m back out there running in the cold. It’s hard enough to get yourself started again after a layoff, but doing so when the days are short, cold and dark can be a real challenge. I find that the hardest part of running (or any type of training) in the Winter is getting yourself out the door. Here are some tips to get you out there in the worst weather with a smile on your face. Continue reading

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Snowstorm Classic 5k

It’s been a month since my last race in Milwaukee. A month of rough and tumble Vermont winter. I’ve been doubting whether my isolated training has been long enough on my easy days and hard enough on my hard days. In Los Angeles I would do a race every weekend as my hard tempo workout. It’s not such much about the competition as it is about the intense workout that a race provides. I just can’t push myself as hard on my own. Continue reading

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