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Goal Setting, Planning & Broken Sidewalks

While goal setting is an important tool, it should not be seen as an end in itself. A certain amount of flexibility needs to be incorporated into any path that you lay out for yourself. If your goals and plans are rigid, and you create a straight-line path to reach them, you are certainly going to be shocked to find out that reality had other plans for you. Continue reading

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A Conversation With Dara Dubinet

While in Santa Monica, California, I had a rare opportunity to hang out and have a chat with Dara Dubinet at Euphoria Loves Rawvolution. Dara is one of the most popular YouTube presenters in the raw food arena. Continue reading

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VanOrden Tops at U.S. Bank Tower Stair Climb

Tim VanOrden, 42 of Bennington, Vermont held off three of the top stair climbers in the world to win the U.S. Bank Tower Stair Climb in Los Angeles, California on Friday. This was VanOrden’s third victory in this event in the past four years. In 2008, VanOrden set a new course record, running up 75 stories and 1,500 stairs in a time of 9 minutes and 32 second Continue reading

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Tim VanOrden’s Running Raw Times – October 15th, 2008

As a troubled teen, trying to find my place in the world, my father told me that “all glory is fleeting”. It was a quote from General George Patton, who was remarking on the lavish victory celebrations of ancient Rome. Continue reading

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XTERRA Pt. Mugu 18K Trail Race

Thirty six hours after tackling the US Bank Tower I found myself toeing the line once again. The view from this starting point was dramatically different. The concrete, steel, glass and sheetrock were replaced by an old road lined by stately sycamore trees, crystal blue skies peeking through the morning fog drifting off the ocean behind m Continue reading

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U.S. Bank Tower Stair Climb

You have probably all heard the old saying “Luck is where opportunity meets hard work.” Late this afternoon in a spartan stairwell in downtown Los Angeles, a combination of luck, opportunity and hard work came together in brilliant fashion. Continue reading

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Upcoming Events in Southern California

Thriving On Raw Foods With Tim VanOrden

The world is taking notice of Tim VanOrden, elite athlete and creator of the Running Raw Project. Tim is a raw vegan athlete who has an international reputation for excelling in some of the world’s most grueling sports. Continue reading

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Kids for Kids 5k – A new PR!

Although the 62 storey Aon Center race was a grueling affair, it only lasted a little over 8 minutes. Since I don’t have a coach, I find it hard to push myself to the limit on my own, so I do a race as my hard workout for the week. Continue reading

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Aon Center Stair Climb

For the first time in more than 10 years I found myself a visitor rather than a resident of the great city of Los Angeles. Mark Trahanovsky and his company, West Coast Labels had generously offered to fly me out to L.A. to compete in the final tower race of the season – a 62 storey, 858 foot climb to the top of the Aon Center. Continue reading

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Ship Shape!

It’s a beautiful fall day in Los Angeles. A cold front has moved down from Alaska to temper the constant California sun, there is a light breeze and plentiful white fluffy clouds in the sky to offer shade. Perfect running weather. I took this opportunity to test myself against my nemesis – the Paseo Miramar trail… Continue reading

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