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Cool Canyon, Cold War and Combating Candida

On one of my last runs in Los Angeles I head back to where it all began. Ten years ago, upon arriving in LA, and yearning for the mountains and greenery of Vermont, I was introduced to the magical world of Sullivan Canyon. This oak and sycamore lined trail is still a favorite to this day. But travel to trail’s end, and you will find yourself in a very different world – that of the cold war… Continue reading

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Feeling The Burn – Malibu Creek State Park

Two days before the presently raging Malibu wild fires, I decided to get in a long hard run in Malibu Creek State Park. Of all the traveling that I’ve done in this country, and of all the beautiful places I’ve seen, Malibu Creek is in my top 5. It’s my favorite place in the world to run… Continue reading

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US Bank Tower Stair Climb

At 75 floors (1,018 feet high), the US Bank tower in downtown Los Angeles is the tallest building west of Chicago. For 11 years, this building held the title of being the tallest building in the world built on a major seismic zone, until it was surpassed by Tapei 101 in Taiwan in 2004. It’s appeared in many Hollywood blockbusters, but most notably in the 1996 film “Independence Day”, where it is the first building to be destroyed, as ravers partied on it’s lofty heliport. Continue reading

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Training for the US Bank Tower Stair Climb

At 8:00am on October 6th, I will be racing up the 1,500 stairs of the US Bank Tower in downtown Los Angeles. The US Bank Tower is the eighth tallest building in the US and the tallest building in California. Standing 1,018 feet high, it is also the 26th tallest in the world, and is the tallest skyscraper west of Chicago and east of New Zealand… Continue reading

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L.A. Grand Prix Track Series

One of the great things about living in Los Angeles is the very large and diverse athletic community. The L.A. Unified School District celebrates this athletic abundance by hosting the Summer Grand Prix Track Series on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights at three different local high schools. Continue reading

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On the Run in East LA

There is a great cross-country running culture in the Latino neighborhoods of Los Angeles. The running event of the summer in this community is the Aztlan Track Club’s Summer Indian Run. Many of the best cross-country runners in the Los Angeles area come out to Elysian Park to test themselves on this very steep and challenging course. With logs across the trails, mud pits and wide open fire hydrants blasting the competitors, this race is a blast. Continue reading

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Will Rogers 5K & Carl Lewis Interview

After more than a week of not being able to run due to the intense leg trauma I suffered in the US Mtn. Running Championships, I decided to get a good workout in the Will Rogers 5K. This race, held in the Pacific Palisades neighborhood of Los Angeles gathers one of the largest fields in California, as runners and spectators alike come out to celebrate our country’s independence from Great Britain. Continue reading

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Last Hard Workout Before U.S. Mtn. Championships

With the abundance of running trails within minutes of my house, I hardly ever head into Hollywood to run in the parks there. The parks in the Hollywood Hills (Santa Monica Mountains) are not only some of the largest city … Continue reading

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Running The Steepest Streets in Los Angeles

In preparation for the US Mountain Running Championships in New Hampshire this June, I’ve had to really up the intensity of my workouts. The usual mountain trail runs with an average grade of 10% to 12% just won’t cut it anymore, so I’ve taken to the streets – but not just any streets – the steepest streets in Los Angeles. Continue reading

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L.A. Marathon Spectator

Running a marathon has never been tops on my list, but as this project has evolved the gold standard of distance running seems to be my destiny. Unfortunately, I’ve been sidelined with a knee injury. Instead of moping about and feeling sorry for myself I decided to offer my support to runners in the race… Continue reading

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