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VanOrden 1st American at Empire State Building Run Up

NEW YORK CITY, NY (February 1st, 2011) – Tim Van Orden, 42, of Bennington, Vermont rose to the occasion at the 34th running of the Empire State Building Run Up on Tuesday morning with an exceptional 4th place finish. Van Orden was the top American finisher and won the Masters division for the second straight year, earning him the title of the ‘World’s fastest stair climber over the age of forty’. Continue reading

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Empire State Character Building

If I were to choose one sport to define myself as an athlete, it would be stair climbing. As much as I love the challenge and scenery of mountain running and snowshoe racing, neither has impacted me as profoundly as running up the dim, dusty, and denatured stairwells of America. Ironically, it is the sport that I like the least. In fact, I dread it. My relationship with stair climb races could be summed up with the following statement – It is better to have climbed than to climb… Continue reading

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A Birthday PR at The Bennington Road Race

Although I cannot remember the bulk of my life (a result of years of depression perhaps) there are a few conversations that have stayed in my memory as clearly as the day they occurred. One such dialog took place at a high school track meet in 1984. My coach Steve Zemianek took me aside after a race and in a stern tone uttered the question; “VanOrden, when are you going to get serious?”. Continue reading

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Tim VanOrden’s Running Raw Times – March 22nd, 2008

A good soldier will march all day long for the right leader or cause. If you were to ask them if they minded the monotony and physical labor of such a task, I’m sure they would almost all respond with “yes, I mind”. But a good soldier does what they are supposed to do, even when it bothers, exhausts or frightens them. Continue reading

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The Empire State Building Run Amok

New York was nicknamed the Empire State, to recognize its vast wealth and variety of resources. Among the treasures of this great state is the Empire State Building, the crown Jewel of New York City. Although there are three buildings taller than the ESB in Chicago, you’d never convince a New Yorker that that Empire State Building was not the greatest building in America. Continue reading

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Mayhem at the Empire State Building

Racing up the 86 flights of stairs in America’s most iconic skyscraper has become a New York City tradition. This race attracts athletes from around the world and is essentially the world championships of tower racing. Nearly 300 of the … Continue reading

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