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FAQ – Should you eat a Raw Vegan diet?

This is the first in my new FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) video series, where I’ll be answering many of the questions that fill up my various inboxes.

Today’s question – “Should I go raw?” Continue reading

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Tim Van Orden eats 80/10/10

Some friends and I went to Matthew Kenney’s new restaurant M.A.K.E. in Santa Monica, CA on opening night and had a little fun. It seems that Matthew has taken the 80/10/10 diet into consideration when he prepared the menu… but with a delicious twist 🙂 Continue reading

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My interview with the controversial Harley Johnstone a.k.a. Durian Rider at the Woodstock Fruit Festival

In a rare moment, I get to sit down with Harley Johnston aka Durian Rider to have a chat at the Woodstock Fruit Festival. Harley, on his channel ‘durianriders’, likes to stir the hornets nest and get people thinking in provocative ways about veganism. Continue reading

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Thanks giving Chicago style

There are many things that I am thankful for. But at this moment one opportunity stands out in my mind. It was November of 2006. I was in Chicago to coach the fledgling Run Raw Team in their first raw Chicago Marathon. As far as we knew at the time, no team of raw, vegan athletes had ever been assembled to compete in an event. Continue reading

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Over Their Dead Bodies

How often do you consider the effects of your dietary choices on others? Maybe it’s time you started. Continue reading

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Raw Food Freaks

It’s official. I’m a raw food freak and I’ve got video evidence to prove it. Continue reading

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Fruits and Vegetables Might Be Good For You – Reports New Study

After all this time eating a vegan diet, it has never occurred to me that fruits and vegetables might actually improve my health. It just seems too radical an idea to stomach. There’s no way mom could have been right about eating my veggies. Continue reading

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The Empire State Building Run Amok

New York was nicknamed the Empire State, to recognize its vast wealth and variety of resources. Among the treasures of this great state is the Empire State Building, the crown Jewel of New York City. Although there are three buildings taller than the ESB in Chicago, you’d never convince a New Yorker that that Empire State Building was not the greatest building in America. Continue reading

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