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A day in the life of Running Raw

People often ask me what I eat each day and how much I train. So today I thought I’d give you a snapshot of a day in the life of the Running Raw Project. At present I’m preparing for the upcoming World Championships of Stair Climbing at the Empire State Building on February 1st. Continue reading

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Iron Absorption on a Vegan Diet – Part I

There are many who believe that plants lack iron and therefore vegans are likely to become anemic. While it is true that anemia seems to be more common in the vegan population, it is not for a lack of iron … Continue reading

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Post Workout Smoothie Recipe

After bouts of long or hard exercise lasting sixty minutes or more, the body’s stores of muscle and liver glycogen can become depleted. This can significantly effect performance, as the body’s main fuel for exercise is glucose, and the body stores glucose in the form of glycogen. Run out of glycogen and you run out of gas. Continue reading

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