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Getting Started #56 – Perfectionism

It’s been a rough day at the end of a rough week. After slowly dying for the past two years, my trusty computer finally exhaled it’s final breath. Since a great deal of what I do takes place on the computer, this put me in a panic. I know this state well, as I’ve spent good portions of my adult life dealing with overwhelm, anxiety and panic. Continue reading

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How to Keep Yourself Running in the Winter

It’s that time of year again. Yes, THAT time of year. The time when the days are short, the afternoons dark and the temperature sinks well below the “it’s a nice day for a run” mark. As I type this the radio is chammering on about a low of 10 degrees tonight… We may still have another month of Fall remaining, but here in the north country Winter makes an early appearance. Continue reading

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Winter Running Tips to Keep You Safe, Warm and Happy

Now that my injuries are healing up I’m back out there running in the cold. It’s hard enough to get yourself started again after a layoff, but doing so when the days are short, cold and dark can be a real challenge. I find that the hardest part of running (or any type of training) in the Winter is getting yourself out the door. Here are some tips to get you out there in the worst weather with a smile on your face. Continue reading

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Ginger for post race recovery

According to this new study, it seems that eating (or putting in smoothies) ginger post workout or post race can significantly reduce muscle pain. Continue reading

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2nd Anniversary of Running Raw

It has been two years since I took the first running step towards this dream, and three years since I went 100% raw. What a long strange trip it’s been. It always amazes me how fast time passes, and that if you don’t keep your eye on the prize it is quickly out of reach. I have learned so much on this journey, and my education never stops. Continue reading

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VeganBodybuilding.com Featured Athlete

My buddy Robert Cheeke at VeganBodybuilding.com recently asked me to fill out a featured athlete profile for his site. Even though I’m not a “bodybuilder” he thought that people should know about what I’m doing. Robert put together a great questionnaire for the profile, so if you’d like to get a little more info on what I’m doing and how I’m doing it, check it out at:
Tim VanOrden Profile Continue reading

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Deep Thoughts on Deep Vein Thrombosis

Have you ever heard of blood clots forming in passenger’s legs during long flights? Is it a myth or reality? Well, one of my subscribers sent me to a website that has caused me some concern . Check it out for yourself. Continue reading

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