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Live Natural, Live Well Interview

Heather Lounsbury who hosts the ‘Live Natural, Live Well’ radio show on BlogTalkRadio invited me to be a part of a three person call in interview about being healthy on a vegan diet. Robert Cheeke of VeganBodybuilding.com and Whitney Lauritsen of Eco-Vegan Gal also shared their great insights and stories on this show. Continue reading

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Fruits and Vegetables Might Be Good For You – Reports New Study

After all this time eating a vegan diet, it has never occurred to me that fruits and vegetables might actually improve my health. It just seems too radical an idea to stomach. There’s no way mom could have been right about eating my veggies. Continue reading

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Vegan and Vegetarian Athletes

Your friends still don’t believe that one can be a competitive athlete while eating a plant based diet? Make them watch this video … Continue reading

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Tennis Legend Martina Navratilova on Plant Based Eating

Tennis great Martina Navratilova is still one of the best in the sport in her 50’s. She credits her whole, fresh, plant-based diet for her continued success. Continue reading

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