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Mt. Baldy Run to the Top: Conquering the King of LA County

One year ago I entered the Mt. Baldy Run to the Top for the first time. It was my first all vertical “mountain” race, and I didn’t know what to expect, nor did I have anything to compare it to. But when it was over, it was clear to me that this was the most mentally and physically challenging thing I’ve ever done… Continue reading

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Only One Hill – The Mount Washington Road Race

The 47th running of the Mount Washington Road Race drew 1000 of the toughest and fittest athletes from around the world. Mountain runners, marathoners, triathletes and cyclists come to test themselves on the highest peak in the northeastern United States. A mountain that has a reputation for being one of the deadliest in North America, and for having the world’s worst weather. Continue reading

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In Search of the Toughest Workout – Sand Dune Park

Have you ever tried running in the deep sand in the middle of the beach? Now imagine tilting that beach at a 40% slope and running up it. That’s what awaits the brave souls who enter Sand Dune Park in Manhattan Beach, CA. I entered the park thinking I could crank out 8 runs to the top, but I was quickly humbled as I managed to complete only 6 hills at a snails pace. Continue reading

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My 39th Birthday Present – a new PR

The Paseo Miramar fire road has been my nemesis since day one of this undertaking. It was the first trail that I ran on as I began this journey, and a year and a half later the thought of running it still strikes fear in me. It quickly climbs 950 vertical feet in the first mile, has an average grade of 18% and contains long steep sections where the grade climbs to over 25% – it’s a monster. Continue reading

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Running The Steepest Streets in Los Angeles

In preparation for the US Mountain Running Championships in New Hampshire this June, I’ve had to really up the intensity of my workouts. The usual mountain trail runs with an average grade of 10% to 12% just won’t cut it anymore, so I’ve taken to the streets – but not just any streets – the steepest streets in Los Angeles. Continue reading

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Climb California

Why take the elevator when you can run up 52 flights of stairs with 500 other crazy souls? So I headed to San Francisco to race in the Climb California Stair Climb. Racers from around the country came to challenge themselves on San Fran’s tallest building – 555 California. Continue reading

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Mayhem at the Empire State Building

Racing up the 86 flights of stairs in America‚Äôs most iconic skyscraper has become a New York City tradition. This race attracts athletes from around the world and is essentially the world championships of tower racing. Nearly 300 of the … Continue reading

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Reaching New Heights at Sears Tower

Racing up the stairwell of the tallest building in the North America sounds easy right? After 105 flights of pain, I discover otherwise. Perhaps I shouldn’t have spent the entire day before the race in the blistering cold winds of the Lake Michigan shoreline, as I ran with and supported the Run Raw Team in a 50K ultra-marathon – Note to self: rest in a warm place the day before a race. Continue reading

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