Weekly Training 1/31/11 – 2/6/11

The week started off with a taper for the Empire State Building Run Up. All of the long hours of cross training these past 6 weeks seems to have paid off as I shaved 44 seconds off my best time in the race and finished as the 1st American and 4th overall. Wow! That was unexpected! I think all of the stress leading up to the race and the lack of sleep that accompanies stress finally got to me. I did a single workout on Wednesday and felt really awful. On Thursday I was shoveling my car out of the driveway when I suddenly saw the the snow in front of me turn a beautiful crimson red. My nose was bleeding profusely. I stopped the bleeding, went inside and began to feel nauseous. I got into bed a little after noon and didn’t get out until Friday at 11am. Wow! I did a few shorter workouts on Friday but didn’t feel very good at all. I wasn’t sure if I should do any of the snowshoe races of the weekend, but the call of good company and Winter fun got the best of me and I went to both. Saturday’s race was a BRUISER! One thousand feet of climbing, LOTS of single track and very fast competition. It felt like the Empire State Building all over again! After the race, I did the course again with Dave Dunham and Tim Mahoney to pick up the course markings. When we finished I could hardly lift my legs. Sunday’s race was much more forgiving in the elevation department, but the unbroken crust throughout the entire race made for very tough going. I used up everything I had and then some to maintain the lead. Somehow, I managed to pull off wins at both races. Now it’s time for some R&R.

  • Total Training Time – 06:08:52
  • Total Running Time – 05:22:49
  • Total Running Miles – 25.8

Monday Jan 31st00:36:43

  1. Road Run – 4.27 miles, 36:43

Tuesday Feb 1st00:11:35

  1. Empire State Building Run Up – 11:35 – 4th Place! 1st American!

Wednesday Feb 2nd01:12:46

  1. Snowshoe – 2.18 miles, 1:12:46

Thursday Feb 3rd00:00:00

  1. No activity – Sick.

Friday Feb 4th01:28:26

  1. XC Skiing – 6.1 miles, 47:03
  2. Road Run – 4.92 miles, 41:23

Saturday Feb 5th01:56:24

  1. Northfield Mtn. Snowshoe Race – 1st Place – 4.85 miles, 43:00
  2. Race Warmdown on Snowshoes – 4.85 miles, 1:13:24

Sunday Feb 6th00:42:55

  1. Saratoga Winterfest Snowshoe Race – 1st Place – 3 miles, 24:07
  2. Race Warmdown on Snowshoes – 1.7 miles, 18:48

To see all training data go to my Training Page.

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