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Tim's Thoughts & Rants.

Over Their Dead Bodies 11/30/10

In this episode of the Running Raw Project: While speaking at the Chicago Raw Community Thanksgiving Dinner on November 19th, 2010, Tim VanOrden asks the audience to consider the impact of their dietary choices.

Thought FTD - Re-Creation 2/10/08

Recreation becomes so much more powerful when you view it as Re-Creation.

Health Care Rant 10/13/07

in this episode of the Running Raw Project, Tim rants about being "independently healthy" after seeing the movie Sicko.

One Year Anniversary of Running Raw 11/3/06

In this episode of the Running Raw Project Tim shares his thoughts on the one year anniversary of the project.

Bill Maher - Health Responsibility & Pharmacuetical Rant

Bill Maher ends the show with a rant about personal responsibility in health and big pharma. This episode aired on the 28th of Sept. 2007