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Sponsor Spotlight - West Coast Labels 5/31/09

In this episode of the Running Raw Project: Come on down to Placentia, CA to check out one of the sponsors that makes the Running Raw Project possible - West Coast Labels.

Larabar Floss

Did you know that a Larabar wrapper can substitute for floss while out on a long run?

Rose Valley Falls Larabars

There's nothing like a Larabar after a long run in the mountains.

Larabar Fanatic

Tim will do anything for his Larabars.

Blendtec - Bill Me Later

Our friends at Bill Me Later have created an easier way to get your holiday shopping done, so we decided to help them get rid of the old way of shopping...Blendtec style!

Blendtec - Will it blend? - Golf Balls

We give new meaning to the term 'slicing the ball'.

Blendtec - Will It Blend? - Marbles

See what happens when a bag of 50 marbles is put into a Blendtec blender.